Our Story

Zeeshan Hoodbhoy is the CEO and Founder of Hangover Solved. Zeeshan attended medical school in Las Vegas. Throughout his schooling and education, he went on to learn subjects such as human anatomy, biochemistry, physiology, and most importantly the breakdown of alcohol. Subsequently, the exposure to Vegas nightlife combined with the responsibility of medical school gave birth to the idea of creating a hangover solution.

The early formulations of Hangover Solved were creative experiments which involved testing a variety of variables such as ingredients, dosage, and when to administer the formula. To learn more about the science of Hangover Solved, visit Our Remedy page.

As of recently, we have been able to formulate Hangover Solved into a single powder drink. If you are interested in trying Hangover Solved, please visit our Indiegogo page so we can bring this to market.