Our Team

Dr. Zeeshan Hoodbhoy, MD (CEO/Founder)

Dr. Hoodbhoy holds a Doctor of Medicine degree from Spartan School of Medicine in 2011 and his ECFMG Certification in 2019. He changed his focus to natural health and wellness versus practicing medicine when his clientele of Celebrities and Athletes grew. Although, eligible for residency Dr. Hoodbhoy prefers business and the creative aspect of formulating and treating people with natural remedies. The creator of Hangover Solved and a Celebrity Health and Wellness Consultant, Dr. Hoodbhoy has done certifications from Harvard Online and Stanford School of Medicine in various Health and Wellness areas.

Viral Kothary, PharmD, BCPS, BCGP (Chief Pharmaceutical Officer)

Our Chief Pharmacist and Co-Formulator, Dr. Kothary has over 20 years of experiences as a Pharmacist, with significant focus in the nutraceutical realm, Dr. Kothary’s knowledge in formulation and FDA guidelines is paramount in keeping the standards and quality to the highest ability.

Dr. Andrew Malek, DO (Chief Medical Officer)

Dr. Malek and Dr. Hoodbhoy met while in their third and fourth year of medical school in Las Vegas, Nevada. Dr. Malek, a now board certified Anesthesiologist, has taken on the roll on the Medical Advisory Board as to oversee the practices of Hangover Solved’s, and to follow through the highest of standards in our clients needs and care.

Taz Gokul, PhD (Chief Nutraceutical Officer)

During her 10 plus years as a clinical laboratory scientist, Taz has invested many hours formulating, mastering, and learning the exact specifications for supplementing nutrition in a healthy effective fashion. Taz has a B.S. in Chemistry and Laboratory Science as well as a Master’s in Business Administration. She is currently a Ph.D candidate in Public Health and Epidemiology.

Sahil Shah, (Director of Media and Design)

Mr. Shah met Dr. Hoodbhoy 6 years ago playing recreational basketball out in Dallas, TX. A relationship formed with a bond that also proved to be mutually beneficial. Dr. Hoodbhoy is the brains, where as Mr. Shah acts as his eyes. Together, they have been able to pursue health and wellness ventures as well as be able to solve business challenges.